Stretch film

فیلم استرچ

Stretch film is a tensile soft nylon that is used to prevent the penetration of dust and water into the product and prevent the product from falling on the pallet. It can be used manually or with the help of a stamping machine, a pallet of stretch film away. The film is made from polymeric or nylon products made from petrochemicals and is based on today’s technology in various industries such as food, industry and building for the old packaging of pallets. This product is more durable, easier, and more economical than other products. Stretch film is produced in 5-layer rolls with thicknesses of 10 to 50 microns and in widths of 10 to 150 cm and in different sizes and weights, which are offered according to customer’s requirements and requirements. This product is divided into two groups of manual and machine stretch films in terms of packaging. The manual or traditional method is done using a manpower that has a low speed and a high cost of manpower. For advice free of charge, contact our specialists to the Vision Arya Gostner packaging industry with skilled and experienced human resources, using the best quality raw materials for your packaging needs.